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What are the main overall changes?
The new edition incorporates the following changes:

  • Physical shape: the most obvious change is the shape of the books, which change from (approx.) 7in x 9.5in to (approx.) 8.5in x 10.5in and are slightly thinner. This slightly larger, thinner format has been trialled in other areas and been found to be extremely popular with teachers and students;
  • Coloring of model sentences, to lift the model sentences a little and enable even more detailed investigation and discussion of the cultural context;
  • Increased representation of women, including a daughter for Caecilius and Metella;
  • Slight shortening in length, to take account of a slight reduction in teaching time reported by schools;
  • Contextualization of derivation work within reading, moving exercises from the student book to digital support materials. This allows derivation study to be more closely integrated into the reading of the stories themselves and permit greater differentiation;
  • Update of the cultural content where necessary, taking account of the latest research in a range of aspects of Roman civilisation.