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What's staying the same?

The 5th edition does not change the overall approach of the Course, which has been found to be extremely effective. Anyone familiar with the CLC will therefore soon see that many of the story texts are unchanged and those which have changed have often done so by as little as 2 to 5%. The linguistic development within the Course is also almost entirely the same. Ditto for the cultural contextualisation topics. The new edition therefore remains the same in the following ways:

  • Storyline: the overall storyline remains largely the same, although some changes resulting from the increased representation of women and trimming the length of some of the stories will be noticed;
  • Scope and sequence: again, overall these remain the same. A small number of cultural and grammatical topics change place slightly within a Unit, but none has moved from one Unit to another.

Put simply, it is quite possible to move between different editions from Unit to Unit without interrupting students' learning. For example, it is fine to move from 4th Edition Unit 1 to 5th Edition Unit 2, or from 5th Edition Unit 3 to 4th Edition Unit 4. Therefore schools do not need to replace all their books in one go.