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Welcome to the Cambridge Latin Course Teachers' Area.

Teaching Method

Don't try teaching the Course without first reading, re-reading and studying the introduction to the Course (pdf). Time spent thinking deeply about what this document says will pay huge dividends to you and your students.

Then, as reminders, quick summaries are available here about the aims and principles of the Cambridge Latin Course (CLC), the content of the course, course planning and suggested teaching method.

Teacher workshops

The Cambridge Latin Course is a very precisely engineered teaching tool. Like any carefully designed tool, training in its use can significantly improve the results. A range of workshops is available across the US for teachers wanting to improve their skills in using the Course.

Find out all about the attainment and graded test schemes to accompany the teaching of the Cambridge Latin Course. (Please note: you will be taken to the 'Public Examinations' area of this website.)

For teachers, some images are provided for you to download free from the image gallery.

Download three plays, with their translations, suitable for students who have reached the end of Unit 1.