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When a new edition of the CLC is produced, teachers and students often ask about the future of the previous edition.

The 4th edition will remain available for many years to come. The student books, Teacher Manuals, Omnibus Workbooks, etc. will all remain on sale, and the 4th edition website will continue to operate, for as long as they experience a reasonable level of use. In practice we would expect that to mean about 10 years.

Although there are unlikely to be new developments for the 4th edition, schools which are unable to, or choose not to move to the 5th edition do not need to worry that the 4th edition will be rapidly and actively phased out. We know that some schools are still using the 3rd edition, 15 years after the 4th edition was introduced! Our aim is to support users of the CLC for as long as we can, regardless of the edition used.