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iPad Textbooks give access to the content of the textbook via an iPad app, purchased from the iTunes Store. They work on iPads (and Mac computers running the Maverick operating system). Once purchased, our iPad Textbooks can be used without an internet connection.

Each Stage is a separate publication, so you need purchase only the Stages you actually use.

Ancillary activities

In addition to the textbook content, our iPad Textbooks give access to our Story Explorers and to our interactive dictionaries. In Stages 1 to 20 they also provide access to a number of video introductions, as well as audio for all stories and model sentences. In Stages 21 onwards, no video is available, but audio for many of the stories is included.


iBook Textbooks are only available via the iTunes Store. Your school or district may have an account with Apple. If not, iBook Textbooks can be purchased directly from the iTunes Store, search for Cambridge Latin Course. 

The first Stage of each book is FREE and the second discounted, other Stages are $1.99 each.

Apple's licence agreement indicates that each iBook Textbook is licensed to the specific user/account holder. Please note, therefore, that iBook Textbooks cannot be passed from one student to another: they must be purchased anew for each student.